Seek JOY with Duncan Tooley, Author, Speaker, Mind Trainer, Wellness Coach

If you want more JOY in your life, you are in the right place!

(How did you land here? Was it fate, luck, coincidence, the law of attraction, synchronicity, your desire for more JOY, someone sent you, or the mysterious, magical forces of the Universe)?

Whatever the reason, ENJOY! Find your answers to better health and happines here!

♥  Joy Hypnosis ♥


My Joy Is to Assist You to Find Your JOY through Joy Hypnosis

My goal is to help you find what you need:

  • to become who you want to BE,
  • to be empowered to do what you want to DO,
  • to come to HAVE all that you desire, and
  • to be filled with JOY every day.

Joy Hypnosis Is a Powerful Tool for JOY

You have tremendous power in your mind that is underutilized. It is the power to heal your body of all illness, to conquer emotions and habits, and to create masterpieces and fortunes. It is the power to accomplish whatever you desire in this lifetime. You have the power to BE, DO, & HAVE whatever you choose. If you don’t yet know how to do that, you have come to the right place to learn how! Your all-powerful mind is running your body, your emotions, your habits and radiating energy to attract to you whatever you are thinking and I show you how to master your mind to get what you want. I have discovered some of the tools that assist you to do that and my intent is to share them with you. Read my story to learn how I learned to seek joy. I can assist you to similarly discover and master the powerful rules to seek joy and find it.

Hypnosis for joy is a powerful tool to get to your joy.  When I discovered that in 2006, I immediately left my Information Technology career behind and embarked on the journey of assisting others to find their joy through becoming a hypnotherapist and hypnosis instructor.  I teach you how to take control of your mind and the power that it has.

I can help you with pain, cancer, diabetes, and general wellness.  Because you have an all-powerful mind, you can “think yourself” slim if you desire weight loss.  If you are interested in assisting your teenager in learning to use the power of their mind, you can find tools in my Mind Mastery Foundation.