Creative Visualization 

via Mental-Biofeedback aka Guided Meditation or Self-Hypnosis

to Get
Whatever You Want” 

    Get back on track for:All-Powerful Mind

  • Health & Wellness
  • Success & Money
  • Relationship & Love
  • Peace, Calm, & Happiness
  • or WHATEVER you desire

Learn to improve your life by significantly improving your access to your sub-conscious.  Your sub-conscious mind sends out energy about what you want to every cell in your body and to everyone and everything around you!

Master the technique to turn off pain and Rx side-effects. Get yourself feeling better, no matter what your present condition. It’s easy when you know how!

  • Monitor and control your SELF-TALK, that voice in your head that determines how you feel! 
  • Use the guided imagery meditation process to Feel Great and Be Happy and get what you DESIRE!
  • Give yourself an energy boost, a shot of self-confidence, a calming sanctuary in stressful times.
  • Eliminate an undesirable habit;
  • Implant a new good habit.

   Learn how to work with  

the Law of Attraction in your life.

 If you want to be in more control of your life, YOU need this course!


Learn how to access your CONTROL CENTER that runs everything!

 control center


Seminar content:

  • How the mind REALLY works
  • Principles of updating your personal operating system
  • Experinece guided meditation in a safe group setting
  • Learn the steps to doing it yourself
  • You conduct your actual self-directed hypnosis experience


 Attracting Whatever YOU Want

  “I was actually a little skeptical going into Duncan’s class for “Whatever I Wanted,” but that quickly changed as he guided me down to access my subconscious mind. I had already been working on using my mind to attract what I wanted, but something was missing. For me, self-hypnosis become the missing link to bridge information in my logical mind over to my emotional mind. My wife wanted me to teach her what I had learned, so I did.  She feels that it keeps her mind clear and focused during the hectic work day. We both regularly practice the self-hypnosis techniques together in order to change habits in all areas of our lives: career, relations and even dietary habits. It works great and we feel great! “ — Glen Isobe, Insurance Agent

  “The session with Duncan really opened up for me awareness of my potential powers that I had not been using.”  – Theresa Figuroa

  “I was in a real emotional state, not feeling good about myself or my future.  Duncan’s hypnosis has helped me learn to get through each day with more stability and a positive outlook.”  — Yakalene Z.


Visualization for Pain Relief

  I have lived with chronic pain from non-diabetic neuropathy for almost ten years. During this time I have spent thousands of dollars on ever type of alternative therapy including massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, etc., to relieve my pain. My pain doctor had been able to relieve some of the pain with high doses of narcotics and I have been able to function semi-normally. Recently, however, I have become increasingly depressed from the amount of drugs I was on and the pain I had.

I run a chronic pain group and I had invited Duncan to come and tell us his story of how he used self- hypnosis for relief from his neuropathy. Naturally I was very skeptical at first, but he was able to relieve the pain of everyone in our group with a few examples of his work and I was sold. I signed up for his next class on self-hypnosis for pain. 

Jane SmolensOnce I began using the short routine that he teaches, my pain decreased dramatically and I stopped taking 6  Norco (Codeine) tablets daily.  I am now progressing on eliminating the other narcotics I am on. I am feeling wonderful about getting my life back!  My husband and my doctor are both amazed!   I tell everyone I meet to go take the class and learn how to help yourself.”  — Jane Smolens.

  “I am so amazed at how great I feel!  I am so tickled about how well this works! I didn’t use any of my pain medicine the next day.  I am now interested in learning about becoming certified in hypnosis to help others.  — Smantha L.

  “I was suffering from a back injury when I called Duncan to request over-the-phone hypnosis.  I definitely felt relief and more relaxed after my hypnosis session. Now I am enabled to manage my pain and anxiety over my herniated disc.”   — Susan Picking, singer & songwriter

  “Thank you Duncan!  I was suffering immensely from a fused ankle and the 6 preceding surgeries when I took your class.  I was able to stop the pain and the ankle healed perfectly. Your healthy motto reminder is still on my vanity mirror and I say it everyday.  I feel great now!”  — Shelley Fine


Your Instructor:

Taught by Duncan Tooley, Certified Mind Trainer, Instructor and Hypnotherapist of the International Hypnosis Federation. Duncan used self-hypnosis to remedy his neuropathy when he was disabled by it as an information technology consultant. After his discovery of the power of  hypnosis on the sub-conscious mind, he changed careers to teach others that they, too, have the power to BE, DO, or HAVE whatever they want through access to their deepest consciousness! Learn more at www.DuncanTooley.com


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