Rx prescription drug side-effects

 Rx Drug Side-Effect Relief

Here is the Do-It-Yourself process to alleviate (or greatly reduce) the side effects of your prescription drugs.

Step 1: Decide What You Would Rather Experience

The best way to turn down or turn off side effects is to be specific how you would rather feel, or what you would rather experience.  Because your mind responds best to  things it desires rather than things it does not want, it is important to formulate the opposite of the undesired side effect as something that you deliberately want and invite into your experience.  As an example, if “insomnia” were your undesirable side effect, the opposite desired effect that you would want is “restful sleep.”  For every undesired experience, there is a positive, desired experience.  When you increase the desired experience, you automatically decrease the undesired experience because the two are linked inversely.  Picture it like this:



 Step 2: Make Your Personal Control Chart

Draw your own blank  inverse control chart like the one below, or download and print one from here.


Label the side effect you are experiencing and your desired effect.  Draw an arrow on the left (side effect) chart indicating your present level of discomfort (your set-point) with the side effect.  Draw the corresponding needle on the desired effect chart.  (Note: the higher the undesired side effect, the lower will be the current setting of your desired effect).

Step 3: Adjust Your Set-Points

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and imagine turning the right control knob clockwise and imagining that the needle on the right (desired) dial moves up and to the right (higher).  After doing that with your eyes closed, open your eyes and draw on the two dials what you imagined (the right one moving higher and the left one moving lower, as in the example below. The red arrows represent your original set-points and the green arrows are now your new set-points.  The set-points act similar to the temperature setting on your home thermostat, automatically making adjustments to your body to keep it in alignment with the set-points.


Step 4: Create  and Use Your Desired Effect Affirmation

Create a present tense sentence that affirms your desired effect. This acts as a reinforcement to your body’s control center.  Some examples are:

  • I sleep the whole night through and awake refreshed. (for insomnia side effect)
  • My stomach is comfortable and I digest food easily (for nausea side effect)
  • My brain is comfortable and functions perfectly (for headaches side effect)
  • My bowels move comfortably and regularly (for constipation side effect)

Say your affirmation 5 times right now.  Say your affirmation 5 times when you first awaken each morning.  Say your affirmation 5 times as you fall asleep at night.

Step 5: Enjoy Your Rx Medication without side effects!

Step 6:  Optional ►Go Further:

Learn Creative Visualization that will assist you to eliminate the need for many medications.
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