Restart ? ReNew ? ReBoot is a process for manifesting what you desire. The process is appropriate for moving forward no matter your current emotional and spiritual state. It is appropriate for any type of new beginning.

First a summary, then the step-by-step implementation tools.


A. Put yourself in a relaxed, positive state.
B. Set your intention for the results you want.
C. Call upon your supportive resources.
D. Reflect upon what has been working.
E. Note what has not been working.


A. What do you desire?
B. What are your beliefs about your desire?
C. Notice contrary beliefs.
D. Decide to deliberately change your beliefs.
E. Formulate your Change Slogan.

III. ATTRACT the results.

A. Use tapping to change your beliefs.
B. Imagine (visualize) desire achievement.
C. Affirm attainment of your desires.
D. Impress belief into your sub-conscious.
E. Use audio & visual daily reminders.
F. Keep yourself on track.
G. Appreciate.
H. Celebrate.

Now Do The STEPS:

A. Put yourself in a relaxed, plenty-of-time, positive state.
The theta mind state allows you to tap into the wisdom of your intuitive sub-conscious, thereby creating a superior plan for your achieving your desires.  Closed eyes, comfortable posture, and soft music encourage this meditative state.  Use this relaxing preparation meditation.


B. Set your intention.
Your mind radiates the energy of your thoughts to every cell of your body and to the persons, events, and circumstances around you. Set your intention for clarity and focus on what you really desire. Set the depth and intensity of your intention.

Ways to Approach this Process:

  • ReStart: To restart an activity or state of being that you have lapsed from and desire to resume. Pick up from where you stopped before. Use this intention when you notice that you have “slipped off the wagon” of your previous state of mind and body, when you have lapsed from your resolution, when it is time to “begin again.”
  • ReNew:  Renew and make even better what has been working. This is most often used at the beginning of a new year, or as a result of a retreat, conversion, or awakening.  This is like a “tune-up,” or “polishing” your mind, body, and soul.
  • ReBoot: A totally new look at life and building what you desire from the ground up. Use after a crisis, or a substantial life change, such as family additions or departures, employment or geographic changes. This is a substantial change like “home remodeling” of your mind, body, and soul. all-powerful-mind

C. Call upon your supportive resources.
Your departed family members and friends, your guardian angel, patron saints, your hero/heroines, Nature, Divine Wisdom, the deity of your religion, all the sources of spiritual energy are available to assist you. Invite them! Consider family members or friends to invite to engage in supporting your desires.


D. Reflect on what has been working and what has not.
Review each area of your life for the prior period to remember all the good things that are already working and to provide a springboard for growth and improvement. Make some notes.


E. Note what has not been working.
While examining each area of your life, notice the things that are not working. Download the review form for your notes.



A. What do you desire?
Make a  list of all your desires. Then prioritize and prune to a realistic, manageable list. Download the 5-page guide to this process that includes a table for your desires and beliefs.
“You got to have a dream. If you don’t have a dream, How you gonna have a dream come true?” – Rogers & Hammerstein

B. What are your beliefs about your desire?
Do you believe that you are worthy of attaining your desire? Do you believe you can attain it? Or is it out of reach? Will it be difficult or easy?  What did your parents, teachers, preachers, society, religion teach you about this desire? Notice how you feel when you think about your beliefs about each of these?  Your beliefs are the hidden, subconscious motivators for the rest of your life. This is your time to review and change them! Download your five-page guide to this process that includes a Desire and Beliefs blank table for your use. Download only the Desire & Beliefs blank table.


C.  Which of those beliefs are contrary to the manifestation of your desire?
If you believe you are not worthy, deserving, or capable of achieving your desire, the energy that you emit will not attract to you the path to your desire.  You have an internal tug-of-war.  Challenge the basis and truth of those beliefs. If you feel uncomfortable when you think of attaining your desires, you have some contrary sub-conscious belief(s). Shine the light of truth on them so you can change them.


D. Decide to deliberately change your beliefs.
Start with the decision to change each belief that holds you back.
Restart?Renew?Reboot-change-same   Restart?Renew?Reboot-decision

E. Formulate your Change Slogan.
The slogan will be used in the next phase.  The words you chose are important because every recitation changes hundreds of brain neurons and cells throughout your body. Follow this model:

Phrase A: Even though I used to believe……(state your old, limiting belief),
Phrase B: I NOW know that….(state your new replacement belief you want to instill in your being).

EXAMPLE: (A:)Even though I used to believe that I could never succeed in business, (B:) I now know that I am already becoming a successful entrepreneur.
EXAMPLE: (A:)Even though I used to believe that I would always be clumsy in relationships, (B:) I now know that the love-of-my-life is already on her(his) path to me.
EXAMPLE: (A:)Even though I used to believe I might run out to money, (B:) I now know that my positive expectation is attracting everything I need.

?Download your five-page guide to this process that includes a place for your Change Slogan and the tapping diagram.

III. ATTRACT the results.

A. Tap away your limiting beliefs and install better beliefs. 
Tapping on acupressure points while speaking aloud installs the words into the sub-conscious where their effect becomes automatic.  It is the fastest and most effective way to make changes.   Use the A and B phrases from your Change Slogan above, and the diagram below of acupressure points or point pairs.


  • Say Phrase A
  • Take a full breath in and say Phrase B on the exhale while tapping on point #1 (side of hand).
  • Repeat 2 more times (Phrase A without tapping, then Phrase B while tapping and exhaling).
  • Do the same (Phrase A no-tap; Phrase B exhaling & tapping) 3 times on each of the #2 through #9 tapping points (a total of 27 repetitions of  Phrases A & B).

B. Visualize yourself having achieved your desires.
Your sub-conscious, your personal source of power, accepts input from imagination as reality equal to input from the senses or from memory. Images are the most powerful means to attract manifestation! Use all your senses and emotions to imagine yourself having achieved your desires. Your feelings are a powerful attractor of what you want.


C. Affirm the attainment of your desires.
For each of your desires, choose or compose your affirmations to support your vision. (Sample affirmations here).affirmations

D. Impress belief in your attainment into your sub-conscious.
Use this confirming meditation to install your resolutions and visions into your deepest consciousness.sub-conscious-iceberg

E. Daily re-affirm through audio & visual reminders
You are building habits that take conscious repetition until they become subconscious habits. Reminders overcome the conscious mind’s distraction from what you promised yourself you would do. Create automatic reminders. Build your affirmations into your reminders.

  • Copy your affirmations onto cards to put on your desk, dashboard, nightstand, vanity mirror, and in your purse/wallet.

reminder cards

  • Record your affirmation on your phone so that you can say them as you play them back each morning and evening and multiples times each day.


  • Set an alarm on your phone and/or computer to remind you throughout the day of your desires, vision, and affirmations.


  • Vision Board. Find the images that represent your desires in Google Images and copy/paste them into your graphics program, or into a WORD or PAGES document, or print, cut-out and paste to a foam-core backing board.

E. Keep yourself on track.
To achieve your desired outcome, do what gets you the highest probability of success: measure and track. Focus, consistency, and repetition are essential. Measuring and tracking those factors raises the certainty of achieving your desires. This Japanese proverb sums it up well: “What is not measured, is not improved.”

  • Put a daily-recurring entry in your digital calendar as a reminder of your vision and affirmations.


  • Post your progress in your digital calendar each day.


F. Appreciate.
Appreciation is the emotional energy (vibration) that puts you in the mode of readiness to accept synchronicities, the unexpected intersections of persons, things, or events that match your desires.


G. Celebrate.
Select some fun reward that you promise yourself for sticking with your program to make a change. Pick something that you will enjoy, don’t usually do, and can anticipate as a motivation to stick with your program. Recognize the synchronicities and the realization of your desires, with a celebration of appreciation. Have a party, even if it just a one or few-person celebration.




End of ReStart ? ReNew ? ReBoot process.


I sincerely hope that you benefited from using this process!


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