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Hypnosis is the tool to heal your body, adjust your emotions, add good habits, and end bad habits. Let's start today!


Hypnosis Is a Powerful Tool

When will-power and determination aren’t enough, you need the power of hypnosis power tools to achieve what you want.  When your conscious mind pulls in one direction but your subconscious pulls in the opposite direction, your subconscious always wins!

Your Mind is your power source, and hypnosis power tools let you adjust your subconscious to align with what you want, to heal your body, to be happy, and to get everything you desire.

When I discovered the powerful tool of hypnosis in 2006, I traded my Information Technology career for assisting others through hypnosis.  Read My Miracle Story of how I learned medical self-hypnosis and used it to heal myself. Now, as a certified clinical medical hypnotherapist, I assist YOU to similarly discover and master the hypnosis power tools to health, wellness, and happiness.

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