Rx prescription drug side-effects

Pharmaceutical Side Effects:

Medical pharmaceuticals (Rx prescriptions) are chemicals that are designed to have a specific effect on your body chemistry.  In addition to the good effects intended, they usually also have side effects that are not intended, but which nevertheless occur.  When your are affected by these Rx prescription side effects, what should you do?

Determine Your Rx prescription Side Effects

Because  you respond to a medication in a unique way depending on your body chemistry, the presence or absence of side effects is unpredictable.  The first step is to notice what may be different about your body’s reactions after beginning  a medication compared to before taking the medication.  Then research if this difference you are experiencing is a known side effect of the prescription.  This can be done from the warnings sheet that must be supplied with the new medication, or it can be researched on the internet.  If you determine that you are experiencing a side effect of the medication, decide if the benefit being derived justifies tolerating the side effect.  Perhaps consult your physician for another drug that does not have the side effect you are experiencing.

Reducing Your Rx prescription Side Effects

When you determine that you will continue a medication despite its side-effects, this is your opportunity to adjust your body’s reaction to the pharmaceutical. Because your body is controlled by your mind, it is possible to change the occurrence and strength of Rx prescription side effects through mental processes.  There are some simple processes that you can practice daily that will reduce your side effects.  Register below to get free instruction on how to do this yourself.  Also included will be an explanation of how hypnosis can assist with many illnesses and a  coupon for a 50% reduction in a 2-hour training on how to use the power of your mind to drastically effect your body’s reactions in all environments.


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